Screening//SHOAH and PIN-UPS.The NO!-Artist Boris Lurie


Intro by Matthias Reichelt 

A documentary film by Reinhild Dettmer-Finke in collaboration with Matthias Reichelt 88 Min., dv cam, Dolby srd, 2006

SHOAH and PIN-UPS is a film about breaking taboos, presenting works and statements of NO!-Artist Boris Lurie.

In his art, NO! Artist Boris Lurie, bringed together what doesn’t belong together: the gassed corpses and the naked, the Shoah and pin-ups.

It’s not perverted art, but a comment on a perverted society, says Lurie, and he draws a line from the Shoah to the war in Iraq.

The search takes us via Riga and Buchenwald to the New York of the 50s and 60s, when NO! Art developed as an obstinate reaction to Pop Art.

Boris Lurie’s NO! is his motto: NO! to the expectations of the art market. NO! to bourgeois decorum! NO! to victim mentality.

Matthias Reichelt is an indipendent journalist, curator & lecturer based in Berlin and particularly engaged in the free scene.
His Essays are regularly published in exhibition catalogues and magazines like “Jungle World”, “Jungen Welt”, “Zitty”, “Kunstforum International”, “Jüdische Allgemein”.

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