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at Acker Stadt Palast_Ackerstraße 169, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Perspectives on Anti-Imperialism & current Uprising in Iran.

‘’I do not feel comfortable speaking of Islamic government as an ‘’idea’’ or even as an ‘’ideal’’. Rather, it impressed me as a form of ‘’political will’’ ‘’, wrote Michel Foucault for Le Nouvel Observateur showing his support for the Iranian revolution.

These words were already considered polemic then and in light of the post-revolutionary development they can be considered even more problematic.Foucault’s stance was challenged by the critiques of Islamic government; those women and men whose political ideas were marginalized by the form of “political will” that captured Foucault’s attention. Foucault’s stance can be taken as an example of Eurocentric anti-imperialism, while on the other side, there stood anti-imperial forces which were embedded in subaltern struggles and contextual knowledge.

Yes, historical personages could appear twice. Once as tragedy, another time as farce. When in the last few years in spite of all the cries of the marginalized classes, the anti-imperial left took again so rigorously side with Iranian government as a power broker against US and other Western powers, part of the leftist intellectual scene appeared to be a farce.

However, the recent uprising in Iran took place to show a third way forward. Initially caused by an increase in fuel prices and resulting in calls for the overthrow of the government, the November movement gives a new perspective on the significance of re-reading of 1979 revolution and on the interconnection of the world-wide protests against political domination and economic exploitation.

Mohadeseh Zare doctorate student in sociology and journalist. Her research focus is social movements in the global South against neoliberalism.
Rouzbehan Amiri former student, activist

Francisca Vera
Loukas Troll

After the presentations we will open up the conversation by dividing into groups to discuss various questions.

Fck the Fckerz, is a series of encounters, performative talks & solidarity oriented initiatives on urgent political issues.