Fabio Perletta::Emra Grid::Genkai

  1. 25.11.2016

Sam Hertz_ artist & curator in residency at Liebig12 presents

Fabio Perletta
is a sound artist and curator living and working in Berlin, Germany.

He creates immersive auditory fields which engage listeners to experience intimate and meditative states, using the sound as a vehicle for conceptual investigation and sensorial stimulation. Through an extensive study of Zen practices, he combines notions of minimalism, presence and silence, revealing a complex approach to the sound matter.
His work have been exhibited worldwide at festivals and art spaces including A×S Festival (Pasadena), BlueProject Foundation (Barcelona), Museum of Modern Art (Medellín), SoundFjord Gallery
(London), Café OTO (London), O’ (Milan), Kid Ailack Art Hall (Tokyo), roBOt Festival (Bologna), Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome) and more.

Perletta’s solo and collaborative recordings are published by LINE (US), Dragon’s Eye Recordings (US), Yugen Art (IT) and his own imprint Farmacia901 (IT). He works for the curatorial research  program Lux and co-runs the visual and sound art studio Mote.



Genkai (Japanese 限界, meaning limit, boundary) is the second collaboration between Italian sound artist Fabio Perletta and Japanese sound designer for Pioneer, Haruo Okada.

The work was born out of the purpose to limit the elements employed in the process of composing. It comes up in the form of micro compositions created by following strict rules of juxtaposing elements: ‘and/or’, ‘just one’, ‘maximum three’, ‘duration’. An attempt of creating independent systems of electro-acoustic combinations, mixing abstract electronics and concrete recordings through an ever changing auditory field.

All sound recorded by Haruo Okada between 2008 and 2016 in various locations around the world including a cave, a small factory, several airport lobbies, and a recording room. Digitally processed and composed by Fabio Perletta in Berlin between January and February 2016.


Emra Grid destroyed back itself restored, first in 1986. He was mostly functional in the United States although he was originally manifactured in Spain. Emra Grid is currently in Berlin dealing with the complex issues of taking loops out of a grid to make music that could sound almost human.

The work of Emra Grid revolves around the idea of working simultaneously with and against a predelineated timeline graph or gridded structure. Emra Grid’s compositions are created by first structuring sound within a grid and the reorganizing it. Some of this sound material is subsequently shifted outside of the grid, resulting in an improvised sound, which is in fact rooted in the original structure. Aesthetically, the sound of Emra Grid experiments with the relationship between sound and empty space in order to accentuate the relationship between phrasing and dynamics. The result is a highly visual synthesis of beats, soundscapes, drones and continous permutations of bass frequencies, which gradually come together and slowly fall apart.