24 / 25 / 26 / 27 / 28.11.2014

Using techniques workshopped during the week of private sessions, Sadja will present Color Field Immersion II  to a group audience. Seating is limited.

Based loosely on Ganzfield experiments (a technique used in parapsychology in the 1970s as a way of invoking telepathy) COLOR FIELD IMMERSION involves masking the audience with semi-transparent blindfolds onto which light projections are mapped.

Similar to sensory deprivation, Color Field Immersion provides perceptual deprivation, replacing the entirety of each audience member’s visual field with washes of color, line, and movement – often inducing hallucinations as the brain seeks to replace lost stimuli.

Flipping the traditional performer-audience relationship, the internalized experience becomes the location of the performance.

Combined with rich, textural, multichannel soundscape, Color Field Immersion creates a deeply immersive perceptual architecture of sound and vision.

Doron Sadja is an American artist, composer, and curator whose work explores modes of perception and the experience of sound, light, and space.
One-on-one performances lasting approximately 30 minutes each.  Performances are free, but audience members are asked to fill out a short questionnaire after the performance.
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