Concert / Performance / Installlation @ AUSLAND Lychnerstrasse 60 – Berlin

LIEBIG12 & AUSLAND present a unique event structured as fluid fade in and out between 3 performances converging into the final act EPIPHANY NOW starting with:
Istanbul based artist Biblo, has been creating music out of everyday noises, field recordings and lazy, confused pieces of beats.
Her record “On Ugliness” was released in a limited edition of 200 pieces as the first ever record on Quetzi Records (a-musik/Cologne) in May 2010 and her latest album Projection is released in March 2012 through her bandcamp.New album ‘Moved’ is out on German label Aentitainment.
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DuChamp is an Italian scientist, musician and curator based in Berlin.
She´s the co-curator of the Occultofest & one of the people behind La gioiosa macchina da guerra.As scientist, she works on NMR biosensors. more under:

EPIPHANY NOW is an electronic trio performing in a colored projection tipi;a circle that improvises a chameleon of sound & visuals supported by PETIT NEON and his incredible slide projections.

ABOUT THEIR EQUIPMENT keytare // mpc500 // stylophon // blockflöte // mundharmonik // mosuq-alarm-clock // triangel // gong // toms // kazoo // sampler // microkorg // kaossilator // evil circuit bending dwarf // music box // mini cymbals // toy guitar // drumpad // klangstab // glockenspiel // bratsche // acoustic laptop // gitarre // microphones // panflöte // helicondelay // zoomguitarrefx // qin-yuan // smartphone-apps // simona // percussionegg // saxonett

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