28 / 29 / 30. 04. 2014

This event / show case hosted by Liebig12, is the second part of the project BERLIN CALLING curated by artist Ivana Spinelli as a didactic workshop that she has been proposing during her teaching program in the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata (It), to the class of sculpture shared with artist and teacher Franko B.

The first appointment, BERLIN CALLING #1 // ART AS RESISTANCE, consisted of a conference held in the Academy of Art in macerata (IT) by berliner curator Matthias Reichelt and artist Costantino Ciervo, invited to tell about their Berlin and their points of view on the relation art-city in a complex reality where a big vitality is also touched by ambiguous aspects as gentrification and massive tourism.

For this second appointment “BERLIN CALLING #2 // SAVAGE NOTES “ the italian students were invited to reflect about their (undiscovered yet) city of Berlin, as an unknown city, by their imagination, and to make proposal for some possible artworks.
The result is an exhibition consisting on some work-in-progress projects that are now confronting the city within his reality and the imagined one, were the artists/students express different approaches through sketches, photos, performance, drawings, sound-video installation.

Some ideas/guidelines were put on the table:
how can you imagine a city? how do you relate to a city you don’t know? which information can you get from the wide world of media to build an image of it?

In the occasion of BERLIN CALLING #2//SAVAGE NOTES, the public is invited to join the discussion, leaving their questions for an archive.

works by: Andrea Marcaccio, Alessio Santoni, Beniamino Strani, Lucia Strippa, Nicola Verità , eTunes by Franko B