Angus Balbernie::Tora Hed::Cavadoras Collective


Doors: 8pm
Start time: 8.30pm

After Noon Throb Vol 3
An evening of new dance works featuring

On the menu:

“add salt to hunger
add time to trees”

a solo
by Angus Balbernie

“At the point of winter.
A peculiar little bird
that dresses up
in witch’s underwear.
At the heart of things.
To slay the WREN,
quo’ brither and kin.”

The wren is a tiny, harmless bird.
For centuries it has been traditionally hunted
and killed on December 26, to turn death to revival,
and to herald in a new year…

All of the myths and customs and the Wren King Songs associated with Hunting the Wren have three things in common:

A trick, an absurdity, and a bit of hostility toward authority

I am 65. I have no children, no partner, no pension.
I cannot climb the mountains I love anymore.
I cannot move my body like I want to anymore.
My loved ones are dying more. They become feathers.

This is a solo. It has feathers. Light as the air.
I am heavy now, and heading toward the grave.
But my mind still plays with images, ideas, fragments…

A trick, an absurdity, and a bit of hostility toward authority.

Angus McLean Balbernie is a 65 year old artist who has created around 85 pieces and projects across the world.
Taught for many years at places like EDDC and artEZ Arnhem, Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, Dartington College of Arts, Falmouth University and Northern School of Contemporary Dance.
Was visiting professor of choreography at KNUA Seoul, and LEM Buenos Aires.
Doesn’t teach anymore except occasional exploratory workshops, improvises, makes the odd commissioned piece, performs for other folk and plays the banjo left-handed and really quite badly. He might still improve.

Also on the menu:

Cavadoras Collective & Tora Hed will work intensively together throughout May at Liebig12 to create a new dance work.
More information will follow when the beast of the piece appears!
For now, save the date!

Cavadoras is a performance collective based between Berlin and Naples working with instant composition, dance, poetry and sound. The name refers to excavators/miners, because Cavadoras search for ways to communicate the imaginative potential of the underground.

Martina Gambardella (dancer, choreographer, IT)
Lilly Pöhlmann (dancer ECU/GER)
Marcelo Schmittner (sound/light artist CHL)
Marianne Tuckman (performance poet/dancer UK)

Tora Hed is an independent choreographer and dancer from Sweden, based in Leeds since 2012. She graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance 2015 and received the Carolyn Woolridge Outstanding Performance Award. Her work is focused and inspired around humans experiences from her own perspective. Tora explores physical and emotional states in her practice and generate new spaces for imagination. Tora has made works from solo to extended pieces, collaborated with other dance, music and filmmakers across the UK and Europe.

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