UHURU::DUO’S FESTIVAL::introduced by Zorka Wollny


_from 6pm

Artist Zorka Wollny introduces to Berlin, “Duo’s Festival” a polish-kenyan exchange project and related artists community. Artists will be present and happy to meet ya!

UHURU *Kenyans in Berlin*
What does Freedom mean to you?
This event serves as an introduction by 7 artists on their interpretation of Freedom (Uhuru)

The artists here on a TPAAE funded culture and art exchange called the Duos festival, ventured off to the big city of Berlin and set up this impromptu exhibition.

with: Fruit of the Lump / Suvena Hinzano / Biko Wesa / Castro Osore / Said Luganye Kahindi / Shaila Resia Ahga / Mohamed Mbwena Omar

The pieces will showcase their art, expressions, opinions and passions this Wednesday from 6pm.

All are welcome. We adopt a 2G Covid_19 Policy so you should bring your vaccinations papers and mask along 🙂

More about the festival https://tpaae.eu/index.php/duos-festival-2/

the people https://tpaae.eu/index.php/people/  & Zorka http://www.zorkawollny.net/?page_id=10