Liebig12 & Month of Performance Art Berlin presents:

“Lampyris noctiluca” performance by FRIED ROSENSTOCK

The female of these species, waiting for her lovers, lies on the grass and shines.
She cannot fly but only crawl. To spend and enjoy her time she eats the shining males of the Lamprophiza splendidula, a smaller species attracted by her traitorously. The male of her species are able to fly but they do not shine and do not eat. We at least hope them to be good lovers.
The shining artist in the gallery, lies covered by his luminescent dress like a chrysalis in its cold light, similar to those insects.
Since completely isolated, the artist is becoming incapable to reproduce him self  (others will do it for him, if able) cut out from daily life, exposed to contemplation.”

friedrosenstock_lampyrisnoctiluca-1024x565photo by Helena Lingor

“I simply like being contradictory and ambivalent..” says Fried Rosenstock about himself.

Born in 1943 in Kassel, as a binovular twin. His “binovular twin nature” made the artist attentive to ambivalences.

That is the double bottom inside which Rosenstock finds his art : “Real art is simple and contradictory. Without contradiction, modern art would be lacking for what it is still needed for: subversion.” (extract from Carl Friedrich Schröer´s review on F.R) more under: