Tomomi Adachi::window interface #12::vibrating windows


5 – 8pm

sound & tactile installation & performance by Tomomi Adachi

within the Covid19 Quarantine Diaries::window interface series,

performer/composer Tomomi Adachi, will vibrate the two glass windows of Liebig12 for his 3 hour performative installation operating the 1 day lasting window interface #12 titled Vibrating Windows.

The glasses work as speaker membranes. Audiences can listen and even touch the sounds from the street. Adachi will be behind the windows. The wall that separates the audience from the performer is transformed into an interface that connects them. Adachi operates voice and self made electronics.

Walk by and stay 🙂 we will arrange chairs outside for you to enjoy 🙂

The performance will be documented, archived as sound and video files to be published online.

Covid19 Quarantine Diaries::window interface series is a project by Allegra Solitude for Liebig12 in collaboration with the invited artists.