Ultra Golden Ratio::Vol.7

Ultra Golden Ratio 7th edition!
Ultra Golden Ratio is a series curated by two dwarfs living in Berlin.


//Joshua Rutter + Zoe Goldstein
Storm in a Teacup

A meditation on constrained physical systems approached through dance. The performers engage in a demanding relational movement protocol, exploring its seemingly endless permutations. Storm in a Teacup is inspired by computer simulations and the emergence of complexity from simple propositions.

//Rowan Hamwood + Yuri Shimaoka
Study of potato #4

Study of potato is a series of improvised performances and practices, is searching and finding (or not) the core of each existence in our now through the non-essential and unmeaning of our ordinary detritus using world potato dishes as format.

//Lady Gaby

An interactive performance embracing performance art, sounds and noise, spoken word and movement exploring the theme of home and domesticity.sounds and spontaneous noise will be created with domestic objects, utensils and toys, while the spoken word will touch on identity, home, feminist positions and domestic expectations.