Under the title of Hyper(sur)faces#, Liebig12 hosts a series of three-day solo shows and a closing event, opening on 20 January 2018, in which artists re-act to the Transmediale and CTM festival themes face value and Turmoil.

Artists are challenged to present their work within a conceptual frame, provoking & unveiling physical & existential sub-levels coexisting & shaping the complexity of Hyper(sur)faces beneath reality (or at least the way we perceive it); their depth, face_values & turmoil.

Liebig12 ́s program begins with Episode#0 on the 19th of January for the general opening of Vorspiel 2018 at Acud Macht Neu presenting 2 new collaborative performances as

22.45 – 23.45
The Anonymous Song” by artists Alessandra Eramo in collaboration with Zorka Wollny
00.45 – 1.30
“Interventions (or discretization of tape works)” 
by Hugo Esquinca in collaboration with Auguste Vickunaite.



HUGO ESQUINCA“Untitled II (exercise on one axis)”
multi channel site specific sound installation dekj.org , oqko.org

Opening 20.01 
21/ 22 / 23.01: Open from 4pm to 9pm


“Chasing the White Rabbit “ – The Works of ALICE EVERMORE (solo + Uccellino Giallo)
Video installation / Screenings of selected short films and videos based on Alice Evermore´s poetry writings and collaborative projects with Berlin based Uccellino Giallo film collective.
Alice´s Vimeo channel: https://vimeo.com/170699700

Opening 25.01 >> Performative Reading
26 / 27 / 28.01 Screenings from 4pm to 8pm


ASHLEY M PUENTE“The Absent Sound of Light”
A/V interactive site specific installation

Opening 30.01 
31.01 / 01 / 02.02 / 03.02 Open 4pm to 8pm

::CLOSING DATE : 13.02.2018


will close the series of solo shows Hyper(sur)faces @Liebig12
performing again their new collaborative project.
This event is curated by Laurie Schwarz as upcoming episode#12 of her series ITINERANT INTERLUDE.

“The Anonimous Song” – (2018)

Two live human voices, and the audience.
A “vocal battle” moves in a ritual of friendship, exploring one´s own freedom of being ephemeral, a whirling gesture where to meet and confront face to face.
Voice to voice, sound to sound, abstract paradigm where dark forces are evoked through an anonymous song.

The performance will interact with the A/V site specific installation “The Absent Sound of Light” by Ashley M Puente produced at Hyper(sur)faces#3 exhibition at Liebig12.

http://itinerantinterludes.tumblr.com/about & https://www.facebook.com/itinerantinterludes