19_22.01.24::SUSTAIN.fm x Vorspiel CTM / Transmediale Festival


sustain.fm is a hub for artists, researchers, activists, and anyone interested in how sound, music, and sustainability fit together. Featuring a new monthly online radio show highlighting projects around the world with interviews and music; workshops, events, and performances in different cities; and a growing archive of live performances.

Sound and music have always had the capacity to create connections – between ideas, places, and people as well as within us. The interacting global crises we face are fundamentally rooted in the challenge of connecting across diverse perspectives and ideas, often set in opposition. It is more important than ever to explore the potential role that art can play in opening up imagination around possible just and sustainable futures and bringing these into being. 

sustain.fm x CTM Vorspiel presents a full evening of live electronic performances and three days of hands-on workshops. Everything from how to perform live, how to take care of your mental health as an artist, to virtual modular synths, to building and soldering your own synths and modules. 

19.01 CONCERT 18.00 – 22.00

drusnoise & Erbse  |  Krach der Roboter & Aquarium
Freya Algiz  |  JacqNoise  |  Verónica Mota


Sustainable live performance – drusnoise

Thrive, not Survive: Mental Healthcare for Creatives – Paula Hakkaja


Introduction to Sound Synthesis and VCV Rack – Paula Hakkaja

Building Error Instruments kits – JacqNoise

Soldering with Ginkosynthese – Jan Willem Hagenbeek


Building passive Eurorack modules – Andreas Krach

>> More details about the artists on workshops reservations & sustainable pricing at https://www.sustain.fm/sustain-x-ctm !