After Noon Throb vol.2::Cavadoras Collective::Tora Hed


Cavadoras Collective and solo artist Tora Hed meet in Berlin this summer!


Deep Sea. This solo work explores the relationship between the audience and the performer. The investigation is based on the subject of the memory of touch and on how this experience can take different forms and be articulated with movement together with sounds. The performance dives between gestures and landscapes.

Tora Hed is an independent choreographer and dancer from Sweden, based in Leeds since 2012. She graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance 2015 and received the Carolyn Woolridge Outstanding Performance Award. Her work is focused and inspired around humans experiences from her own perspective. Tora explores physical and emotional states in her practice and generate new spaces for imagination. Tora has made works from solo to extended pieces, collaborated with other dance, music and filmmakers across the UK and Europe.


In |Eine halbe Treppe tiefer| (Half Way Down) two dancers, a performance poet and a musician use handheld torches in an otherwise dark space. In a game of light and darkness they expose different spaces and degrees of intimacy while the musician modulates a self-built devise that translates light frequency into sound. They explore each new situation, studying their setting and each other, referencing anthropologists and anatomists from the past and the future.

Cavadoras is a performance collective based between Berlin and Naples working with instant composition, dance, poetry and sound. The name refers to excavators/miners, because Cavadoras search for ways to communicate the imaginative potential of the underground.

Martina Gambardella (dancer, choreographer, IT)
Lilly Pöhlmann (dancer ECU/GER)
Marcelo Schmittner (sound/light artist CHL)
Marianne Tuckman (performance poet/dancer UK)