ResidencyLab:: Auguste Vickunaite

20 – 25.05.2023

Auguste Vickunaite is a Berlin based Lithuanian sound artist with a background in physics science, using reel-to-reel tape recorders to play, record and create sounds, articulating diverse layers of recordings including found material, field recordings, voice, music instruments, objects, and the whole spectrum of malfunctions of decaying technology, the randomness of nature, the aesthetics of boredom and slow art. Her solo work includes tape loops and collages of found audio tapes. 

In collaboration with sound artist Hugo Esquinca, she developed the performance series and sound installation Works for Electromagnetic Tape and Digital Signal Processing. Other projects include works for contemporary dance and performance. She often performs live and developed radio pieces for Colaboradio, Seanaps festival, radijo-musikii, Rasų Radijas and others.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics (Vilnius University) and an M.A. in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts (Berlin University of the Arts).

During her Residency Auguste will present new works within a new site specific installation at Liebig12 hosting open studios & workshop sessions starting on May 20.05 3 to 7.30pm & May 21 / 23 / 24.05 5 to 10pm at Liebig12 and 2 performative nights on the 22. & 25.05 with guests musicians and instrument builders from her collective Studium P in Vilnius.

“During these 5 days, I invite you to come by to the Liebig12 project space and join me in creating a constantly changing reel-to-reel sound work. You are welcome to come and just listen or join me by recording your own reel-to-reel tape loops with my help. I will provide some sounds objects and instruments for recordings, but feel free to bring your own sounds – objects, instruments or voice.” Auguste V.

May 22_6pm / 10pm @Liebig12 performances by

Auguste Vickunaite – reel-to-reel tape recorders live installation solo

Viola Yip – self-built instruments and electronics
Noa Even – saxophone 
Echo Ho – SlowQin


May 25.05_7 / 10pm @Jugend[widerstands]museum closing performances

Auguste will perform and curate “a Night in Vilnius with Studium P” _4 performative sets introducing artists, musicians and instrument builder from Studium P in Vilnius /

1. Sholto Dobie

Live at Studium P –

Live at Empty Brain Resort –

Instagram –

2. Auguste Vickunaite 

Auguste Vickunaite live at Empty Brain Resort –

3. Simonas Nekrošius

4. Kamilė Dambrauskaitė

In collaboration with “Kultur am Dorfplatz”, a project in cooperation with Dienstbar, Liebig12, Schallplanet and Palais Wittgenstein Berlin, within the framework of “Galiläa Partizipativ”, funded by the European Social Fund and the Senate Department for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs.