2023::Residency::Wei Kang Beh

15.12.2022 _ 20.01.2023 


 archaic form of fire. to trust. to set the fear into fier. to reassert. 

the intention is to activate inter-dimensions within us that are neglected. 

things are falling apart where they are, but things are falling together where they are.

amplifying space, sonifying object, moving bodies, chasing light, 

metamorphosing perception, connecting entities, activating portals.




then into particles.

fier is a research + production laboratory program hosted by Wei Kang Beh in residence at Liebig12 Berlin from 15.12.2022 to 20.01.2023. Beh will explore open-ended, uncertain narratives and concepts from their ongoing research and practices during the laboratory. 

the concepts are feedforward system, resonance phenomenon, and interspaces/interdimensional spatial expansive relation with sound and light, sound sculpture, installation, electroacoustic graphic notation, and performance practices through poetic and metaphysical processes. for the production, the program includes performance events, open studio days, exhibitions, workshops and more. 

Berlin-based and passerby artists will be invited to collaborate, stretch out related ideas/concepts and present their works. The program welcomes friends of friends of friends to participate, join, discuss, and experience together. Wei Kang Beh will be hosting open studios and collaborative experiments:

21.12.2022 first lab performance program ‘what if we chase the light’ in residency ‘fier’ at Liebig12 . along with recent salty collaborator Aloïs Yang, post-human sound transender Ay Lak Yakubouskaya and post psychedelic mediator Zurak Kalomeno.

28.12.2022 `sungazing´ is the second lab performance event with EYE DYE , Wei Kang Beh ,Kunsf , Mizuki Ishikawa

06.01.23 ‘sonic levitation’ is the third lab performance event with:

el0him dream (DJ)

Eliad Wagner & Wei Kang Beh (live)

Khorkhordina x Tavil x Lienhard (live)
Carina Khorkhordina: trumpet
Utku Tavil: no-input mixer
Pablo Lienhard: crackle synth

Martin Clarke (live)


Wei Kang Beh is a Malaysia-born and raised, Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist and curator, who works in Berlin’s independent art scene. They implements phenomenology as their inception of work, explores and interacts with the in/tangible senses from the aspects of matter/non-matter relativity, in the translations between motion, vibration, visuals, rooms, and time-space in open/closed (virtual/physical) dimensions.

Their work is influenced by the un/conventional and experimental notions between avant-garde art, sound art, science, quantum theories, geometry, mysticism, music, and technological artifacts. Beh practices multi-media methodologies to embody their work into sound sculpture, installation, spatial performance, audiovisual composition, graphic score, electroacoustic improvisation, and experimental performative electronic instruments/devices.

Beh holds a B.A. in Electronic Music Production and Performance from Catalyst Institue Berlin (2021). They has exhibited and performed their work in different independent spaces, such as ‘4²’ for Hasard3 performance live stream festival at Bluefactory Fribourg (CH), ‘tendency of time’ for the group exhibition ‘To be more site-specific’ at MATCA artspace (RO), ‘4²’ for blaues rauchen festival 2021 at Künstlerhaus Dortmund (DE), ‘the point of no return’ for the group exhibition ‘Exhale(s)’ at Errant Sound (DE), ‘4²’ (deconstructed) for traumburg festival 2022 at Schloss Dornburg (DE), laser live set for Festival SÝPKA x Trať x MENU at Hradec Králové (CZ), laser performance for OIIO Festival 2022 at Studio Alta Prague (CZ), laser performance for MISANTROPIA Festival at Orfeão Universitário do Porto (PT), and visuals live set for Signals Fesitval 2022 at Funkhaus Berlin (DE) .

They has collaborated with different disciplines of artists, experimental musicians, engineers, designers, and film directors such as Achim Zeperzauer, Alïos Yang, Alfredo La Corte, C L E L, dancesu110, Eli Ningù, Elif Gülin Soğuksu, Henri Falk, Gina Lo, Kunsf, Kyoka, Margaret Unknown, Mizuki Ishikawa, Periklis Lazarou, Romain Camille Bertheau, Rutger Nijkamp, Vincent Laju, Vito Willems, William Bilwa Costa, Sid Talukdar, Samin Son, Tatsuya Takahashi and more.

Aside from that, Beh has digitally released an experimental music album ‘reward system’ in 2020, and an experimental dance music EP ~pulsation~ in 2021, with other selected singles and live performance archives on Bandcamp & SoundCloud. They released limited CD copies for the debut live version of ~pulsation~ played at venue Punctum Prague, which Beh was touring recently.

They are currently granted a scholarship from Germany Musikfonds’s program STIP-III from December 2022 to May 2023 which supports the continuum of work.