REPLICA::The Lighthouse


Immersive interactive installation & performance presented by REPLICA Collective

“Can you hear it?”

Iona said with a trembling voice.

The storm is coming. At the table, the greying engineer silently nodded. The algorithm had finally ripened. It has become too complex, she muttered. So many ripples in the… I am not sure we can process that much. An early stream of data had started swirling through the cracks in the floor of the old lighthouse.

The machine learning model is not a static piece of code—it requires feeding, training and updating, to the point that it sometimes resembles a living entity, one we are not familiar with. Following the law of accelerating returns, technological systems puzzle us like nature once did.

A immersive performance, searching for The Lighthouse explores human rituals devoted to coping with the enigmatic character of algorithmic logic. Using sound art, reactive devices and biosensors to augment physical theatre, it stages the hopeful search for an incantation able to appease forces of an artificial nature—signals once domestic gone feral.

REPLICA is a physical theatre platform to invent and rehearse future realities. It welcomes performers, directors and scientists wishing to collaborate on reverse-engineering human emotions and imagining tomorrow’s rituals; to devise new interaction models for humans and technologies; and to prototype future tools, cultures and rituals using artificial intelligence, machine learning and physical theatre techniques.