Espresso&Mud_Duo & Ute Wassermann::Henrik Nørstebø & Lucio Capece_Duo


The austrian duo “Espresso & Mud” (Nina Polaschegg and Bruno Strobl, AU) and vocal artist Ute Wassermann will present their new collaborative project.

Since 2012 Nina Polaschegg and Bruno Strobl work together as an improvisational duo.
A musicologist and a music journalist also active as a double bass player and a composer within free improvisation and experimental music.
Nina Polaschegg plays with numerous preparations to rethink the instrument, its qualities and to develop further nuances of tonal color.
Bruno Strobl works with samples of different origins – some of them were written as part of his compositional work, many of them are close-up microphoned double-bass sounds by Nina Polaschegg.

Ute Wassermann‘s voice is an extreme and versatile sound instrument.
This evening she will sing through bird whistles and objects. Her vocals go far beyond the usual vocal sound and create associations with bird and insect swarms or sounds electronic, such as oscillators and distorters.

Berlin based sound artists & musicians Lucio Capece & Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø also present their new collaborative acoustic project as a Duo exploring silent music.

Lucio Capece – bass clarinet, slide saxophone
Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø – trombone

Last but not least is always the room. Its architectonics, its acoustics, its atmosphere, they specifically include.