First to Blink // Performance::at ACKER STADT PALAST

Fr+Sa/ 08+09. März 2019

Acker Stadt Palast
Ackerstraße 169/170, Berlin

Marianne Tuckman&Marcelo Schmittner (artists&curators in residency at Liebig12) present:

First to Blink // Performance by Noi Ansamble with:

Marco Gonzalez
Ula Liagaitė
Victoria de la Parra
Martín Sandoval
Nicolás San Martín
Marcelo Schmittner(artist, curator in residency at Liebig12)
Dārta Treimane
Loukas Troll
Marianne Tuckman

Noi Ansamble present a world that is not a dystopia. Neither is it a documentary about homosapiens. Nor is it about navigating your way through a wasteland of self help Youtube videos. Nor does this have anything to do with International Women’s Day. Nor is this 2019. Nor is it about identity or purposelessness.

The initial version of First to Blink was developed at Liebig12, as part of Vorspiel Transmediale/CTM 2019 Festival and presented as a 3 hour performance intervention at ACUD Macht Neu.

After a period of development, First to Blink will be presented as the first piece in Marcelo Schmittner‘s Curatorship series named HETEROTOPIA.

For his Curatorship series Marcelo has decided to work on the concept of Heterotopia, this concept has certainly experienced a boom with Michael Foucault, and until now It keeps the essence of his view.

The prefix Hetero- is from Ancient Greek ἕτερος (héteros, “other, another, different”) and is combined with the Greek morpheme τόπος (“place”) and means “other place”.

In difference with the well-known concept of Utopia, presenting an idea or image where everything is better and good for the society, or the concept of Dystopia, where everything has turn bad , Heterotopia proposes a certain ”Space” that is somehow Other, Different, ruled by different logics, which can be contradictory with it self, and with our own perception of reality as cultural, political, moral, etc.

It is a Physical space, parallel and yet it can be part of our own real space, where the behavior of its individuals is outside the norm. It can be conceived as a world within a world, or also as a virtual space, mirroring and at the same time distorting a real space, containing many layers of reading.

For Marcelo, this ”Other Space” is strictly related with the performative and theatrical space, in where the physical presence is able to take us in a journey through this parallel reality, offering new logics that we don’t question and yet at the same time It can be mirroring practices/norms of our own reality.

Special Thanks to : Carla, Helen, Sabanya, Acqua, Cruna, Mark, Eva