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Also for the month of August Anna M., Licia L. and Marialuisa B. will run Liebig12 and curate a summer program focused on photography and music, with workshops, talks and performances exploring different aspects of image and sound.


01.08_4 to 6pm

Signs of the Times – Collecting (biological) memories
Workshop, Talk & performative experiment

“Signs of the Times – Collecting (biological) memories” is an exercise in material storytelling, in which the artist and researcher Karolina Żyniewicz will guide you to tell stories narrated by our bodies. Her idea is collecting material memories of the time of Covid-19 pandemic as an art&research experiment.

Karolina Żyniewicz is a Polish artist and researcher who explores the liminal area between art and biology. The aim of her practice is understanding life in its broadest sense, by understanding both its biological and cultural meanings.

Part I: Talk and discussion
Karolina Żyniewicz will introduce some key concepts of bio art and her research interests. She will explain the idea of her experimental project, which is related to her general practice of working with all possible meanings of life. The project idea will act as a starting point for the discussion about our conscious and unconscious memories from the last year (2020/2021). We will discuss about what should be remembered and what will probably be written in the future history books.

Part II: Performative experiment
The second part will have a performative character and will be based on collecting biological memories. You will be asked to sit in front of the camera, wearing a mask, in order to share a memory, a story or a reflection regarding the pandemic. You will get a fresh medical mask to wear: in fact, while talking, people expel microflora, which settles on the mask as a biological trace. After finishing your story, you will be asked to donate the mask which will be put into a medical falcon: these biological traces will be examined by the artist in her laboratory in 3/5 years from now, enough time to see the collected memories from a different perspective.

Karolina Żyniewicz is a Polish artist (M.A. from the Department of Visual Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, 2009) and researcher (Ph.D. student of the Nature-Culture Transdisciplinary Ph.D. Program at the Artes Liberales Faculty, University of Warsaw) currently based in Berlin. Her artistic projects fall in the field of bio art, but she is also interested in speculative conceptual art. She sees her liminal activity as situated knowledge production. She is a member of The Eco and Bioart Lab and Biofriction/Staying in Touch collective.

Official website:

The workshop is open to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 participants.
Donation: 10EUR


03.08_4 to 8pm
Sound body workshop
Singer, Vibrational Counselor and Sound Therapist Federica Parente (a.k.a. Florä Päär /Pareal) offers an introduction to Vibrational Medicine fundaments, with a focus on the Central Energetic System and demonstrates the effects of Vocal Toning on a physical and emotional level, promoting active deep listening as a self-balancing technique. The workshop is open to everybody, no musical theory knowledge required.


Der Platz


52min, s/w, BetaSP (S-16mm), Dolby-Stereo

Halfway between documentary and tale, inspired to Uli Schüppel in the Nineties by the endless hole between the east and the west of Berlin, by the people filling it, forming it, who god knows if they know what their work will be giving birth to. And by a poem by Paul Zech, written back before the war, when Potsdamer Platz was full of life and movement.

The Platz does not exist anymore when Uli grabs his camera, except maybe in the memories of people who survived the war, and in the eyes of the artists who try to find its traces.

Time slid cruel over Potsdamer Platz. The Time of Europe’s long and artificial peace, of the first cars, the efficiency of trams, social reforms, pneumatic tubes. The beat was the clanking of trains and the quick steps of elegant ladies, the industrial sounds, and cabaret music.

And then the clanking came from tanks, explosives, and bombs, in the beat of unforgettable and terrible years.
The Time of Potsdamer Platz had stretched, it had become the Time of History, to be put in a museum, slow, desolated. 1945 saw Potsdamer Platz naked and desperate, ruins and annihilation. Forty years of immobile tension, an inner organ becoming limit and border, forced to be on the outside, a divide between two incompatible yet identical universes.

The construction zone is everywhere, and so is Uli’s camera. For months on end, he films the people and the work, the muddy dusty giant that will be the ordered and cold fraction of the city we now know. A bionic womb for the city of the future, while the rest of the city was suspended in a chemical dream and the absence of time.

Uli stops time inside the renovation frenzy and looks at the Platz, explores its many meanings, and his question to the workers is a simple one: WAS IST DEIN PLATZ? Their answers embroider in color the black and white images of the biggest construction zone on the planet.

Potsdamer Platz is redesigned literally from the ground up. Caterpillars dig up the relics of a distant past, and maybe even the ghosts that had been trapped there, and were probably the last guardians of what could have been.


Concept, Director and Editing:
Uli M Schueppel

FM Einheit

Camera:Walter Lenertz
Sound:Frank Behnke
Director-assistence: Annette Drees
Camera-Assistence: Florian Emmerich
Unit Manager: Vincent Mosch
Translation: Barbara Kulinska, Zoran Solomun
Title-Graphic: Johannes Beck
Video-Mastering:Dieter Kaufmann, Turner&Tailor-Berlin

Andreas Aussprung, Mustafa Yildiz, Hodo Katal, Fritz Golling, Daniel Fecica, Wolfgang Reimers, Dieter Kranepuhl, Jörg Weirich, Jan Napierata, Helmut Zimmermann, Alain Barth, Adolf Luther, Gregor Morrison, Günther Marks, Dimitrov Dimitr, Jacques van of Riet

Editorial Adviser: Hans Kutnewsky, Das kleine Fernsehspiel/ZDF
Production: Schueppel-Produktion

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05.08_5 to 9pm
Sound ritualism workshop
In this workshop, singer, Vibrational Counselor and Sound Therapist Federica Parente (a.k.a. Florä Päär /Pareal) explores the common principles and practices that shamans use to enter a non-ordinary reality for problem solving, well-being, and healing and investigates the essence of Tribal Ritualism, with a focus on the sonic driving with the drum. The aim is to offer a deeper understanding of the ancestral meaning of modern Sound Ceremonies, allowing a reflection on the contemporary clubbing, rave and festivals culture.
06.08 _7pm
Die Ursonate – Kurt Schwitters vs. Flaviu Tilinca & Notorische Ruhestoerung
In 2018, Flaviu Tilinca (student of musicology) and Notorische Ruhestoerung (DIY art-, culture- and activist*) came together to create Kurt Schwitter’s nearly century-old sound poem the ‘Ursonate’. Structured like a
sonata, the music consists only of what Schwitters imagines to be the
the ‘Urlaute’ from which all other sounds descend. Fümms bö wö rö tää zää Uuu!
Suggested donation: 10EUR
7 /8.08_12am to 6pm
Narrative Sound
Unconventional composition and sound design workshop by Munsha

Narrative Sound is designed to give participants an opportunity to develop their ability to compose a fictional path through the use of audio material only. The workshop lays the foundations of creative composition and musical arrangement in relation to photography and still-frame pictures.
Munsha is an Italian musician, composer, sound designer and music educator based in Berlin. She graduated in modern and opera Singing, Composition and Cello, she is a trained sound designer and audio producer for Multimedia.
Level: intermediate
Investment: 120 EUR
The workshop is open to a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 participants.


In this talk and listening session, Marialuisa Bonometti will go through Bob’s life in music, from his first endeavours with the Central Maine Power Music Company to the U.S. Steel Cello Ensemble, trying to place him in the broader context of post-war avant-garde by presenting a small selection of videos and compositions.
Entrance is free and registration is required.
Very limited spots available!


Film Screening – NIHIL

By Uli Schueppel
16mm; 54min; b/w; West-Berlin 1988

Summer 86
The ideas for the script were created in a couple of nights. Usually, I sat in the same corner at “Hansa-Studio”. Bands like “Einstuerzende Neubauten”, “Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds” and “Crime and the City Solution” were recording their albums after another. I only had to close my eyes and the projector was running, like weeds images grew emberantly to the background of the new sounds. I felt the mood, the quiet-intensive atmosphere that the film was to carry with it. The parabel and the baladesque was created. The expressive strength and poetry of the picture was to be more important than the story and action.

[…] An illusion of losers who become heroes. No aim (which?) is relevant anymore. Only the movement…” (Uli M Schueppel, Excerpts from “Chonicle of an unexplored film”, 1988)

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 Grid Noise Ema and _airone_
Deconstructing Huxley

Myopia Studios & Liebig12 present

Fangarm (A/V live)
Fangarm is a modular techno artist and co-creator of the Norwegian label Physical Pattern. He usually performs improvised modular acts with the supplement of visuals and light. His sounds are leaning towards noise and techno, creating heavy and noisy soundscapes.

Dominik Müller (Uncto) (A/V live)
Domink Müller is an industrial techno artist and founder of Furanum Records. Dominik’s productions and sets gravitate toward dark, industrial techno: a form driven by pounding percussion layered with spacious soundscapes, and infused with cogent mechanical reverberations. His latest project is a collaboration with Rafał Fürst under the alias Uncto. Some of Dominik’s current discography can be found on labels such as Locked Records, Limetree, Ante-Rasa, Nheoma, Audioexit Records, Neural Network.…/fu010-the…

Boiling Earth” by Licht.Pfad x Myopia Studios (A/V)
Станислав Глазов (Licht Pfad Studio) and Наталья Голубенко (Myopia Studios) work together at the intersection of visual art, design, and technology. On the verge of a new epoch, they created an audiovisual performance “Boiling Earth”, that addresses the question of humanity’s place in the Universe. The concept idea came out of the helplessness artists felt at watching another disaster hits the world. Through creative fictional and non-fictional engagement with video content, the emotive, sensual is accessed.

* Myopia Studios

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Usual precautions and current rules regarding covid-19 should be respected.

15.08_2 to 8pm
Liebig12 Flohmarkt
17.08_6 to 7pm
AUM GARDEN Sound bath
AUM GARDEN  is a holistic project with the aim of spreading sonic awareness, created by the Singer/Vocal Performer, Vibrational Counselor and Sound Therapist Federica Parente (a.k.a. Florä Päär /Pareal), part of Accademia di Medicina Vibrazionale of Milan and UK Vibroacoustic Association in London.  Rooted in the knowledge of Chinese Medicine, Vedic and Tibetan traditions, Core Shamanism and Music History, Aum Garden Sound-Therapy finds its expression in a spontaneous approach to ancient vibrational practices in the frame of a contemporary ambient sonic imaginary.



Daria Leere creates her music, using analog and digital sounds from the 80s, following the postmodern concept of emptiness: “We come out of nowhere and move towards emptiness. Emptiness is in me, emptiness is a question without any answers. Reality is the dynamics of cause and effect. Emptiness is everything and nothing. Everything is composed of various, constantly regrouping components and therefore subjected to transience and change. Nothing is everything.”


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Usual precautions and current rules regarding covid-19 should be respected.


Harvester Bugs: Autonomous Energy Hunters – by Ioana Vreme Moser

During this workshop, we will explore how to create autonomous sound instruments that feed on the energy in their surroundings. The workshop aims to introduce the participants to the area of self-powered devices and off-grid electronic machines.

Through a historical lens, we will look back at anachronous technologies such as Crystal Radios and other domestic devices that do not need more than they can harvest from their habitats. The workshop aims to introduce the participants to the basic notions of electronics, radio technology, electronic transmission, reception and amplification.

The theoretical part will be preceded by a practical exercise in which each participant will be guided after a diagram to solder and customize a sound instrument. The instruments capture Electromagnetic and Radio-magnetic waves that they can find in their proximity and amplify them using solar power. Their sounds are sensitive and interdependent to their external environment. Through a collective sound walk, we will discover and harvest inconspicuous noises from our urban habitats.

The workshop includes lots of hand-manual work! Each participant receives a workshop-kit from Nuts And Bolts, with all the materials needed to create their Harvester Bug.

Entry: Voluntary Donation 

Requirements: no previous experience with handmade electronics needed. Bring a pair of on-ear headphones. Negative corona-test on the day or vaccination.

Apply for this workshop at

We particularly encourage women, non-binary, trans, queer, bipoc and differently abled persons to apply, and their participation will be prioritized. To make sure we can facilitate your ability, please get in touch with us at

Nuts And Bolts is an artist-run association in Norway and Germany which has as aim to facilitate decentralized and experimental discourses and activities in music technology. Our projects include a podcast series, video-tutorials, and panel conversations. To help us continue our work, become a member of Nuts And Bolts at, or donate through

This Workshop series is made possible by support from Musicboard Berlin.