MSHR::Odwalla1221::Duncan Moore


9pm sharp

Liebig12 ++ XB Liebig team up to present amazing US artists:
MSHR •• Odwalla1221 •• Duncan Moore

** Die Veranstaltung findet bei XB LIEBIG, nicht LIEBIG12 statt**

MSHR (Portland, OR)
MSHR is the art collective of Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy. We build and explore systems to reveal pathways toward ecstatic sensory experience. We work at the intersection of digital sculpture, analog circuitry and ceremonial performance. Our physical projects revolve around analog light-audio feedback systems built from macro-arrangements of our sculptural synthesizers. On the virtual side, we weave computer generated portraits of inter-dimensional entities and psychedelic realms. These physical and virtual pursuits inform each other deeply, unfolding a hyper-shape that houses both.

Odwalla1221 (Los Angeles, CA)
Odwalla1221 is Chloe Maratta and Flannery Silva, a musical duo formed in 2013 in Baltimore, MD. After spending two years playing shows throughout the country and recording three albums, the two moved to Los Angeles in 2015 where they continue to play live shows and tour the U.S. Their discography includes: Future Butterfly in 2014 on D.A. Spunt Company (No Age’s Dean Spunt’s label), Lily 23 in 2014 on VR, Earth Flirt in 2015 on Ooga Booga, and most recently, Fawns Are Dirty / Purr Hi in 2016 on Thunderzone w/ a B-Side remix by Lil Ugly Mane.
Odwalla1221’s sound is built from a shared language library of samples, looping vocals, and electronic drums. Part collage band, Odwalla pieces together amorphous textures, feedback loops, obscure samples and dissonance to create a raw and guttural energy in the music. At the heart of the duo is Chloe & Flannery’s friendship, which translates through the duo to create intimate and charged lyrics to their songs – or, if you look at them another way, poems to the music.

Duncan Moore (Baltimore, MD)