Free Pancakes with Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell


Liebig12 is excited to host Free Pancakes – a performance by Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell

come when you’re ready
leave when you’re done

about the artists:

ef & ty make body and text based performance work which investigates masculinity, queerness and privilege by experimenting with webcams, body modification, and butter.

Ethan Folk (b. 1986) is a polydisciplinary artist who creates meta-referential bodies of work which include installations, films, texts, performances, and objects. Folk’s work is rooted in Seattle but has been developed and presented in locations across Europe and Asia – particularly Berlin, London, and Belgrade. In 2017, Folk is preparing for a residency in Berlin, developing a new work on a fishing vessel in Alaska, and continuing his collaborative partnership with Ty Wardwell in Seattle.