Berlin Noise Festival

2.9 – 22.9

curated by Jacky Noise (JacqNoise) in collaboration with Error Instruments the festival will focus on all aspects of Noise. Noise what we can not imagine not having in our surroundings. During the three weeks workshops we will deep dive into sound & hardware related topics developing new sets of skills and possibilities.


Workshops / Exhibitions @Liebig12_Liebigstr.12_ dates&time as follows

Anna Jordan | Ashley Puente | Error instruments | James Osterlund | Jeannette Petrik | Mortiz Klein | Peter Kirn | Sara Sommers | Youri Landman I Odio by Volst I Steal in momentum


12:30 Sarah Sommers – Transform your hardware

14:30 Jeannette Petrik & James Osterlund _Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin · Berlin School of Mind and Brain

16:00 Anna Jordan – How to start your own label or distribute your music


13:30 Ashley Puente – Ableton – First aid guide to integrating your hardware in DAW

16:00 Moritz Klein – Analog Filtering / How to start your DIY projects to build up to a modular synth

infos & registration by email


Performances at Jugend[widerstands]museum Galiläakirche Rigaerstr. 9/10

doors 7pm _ performances start 8pm sharp

3.9.22 Festival Opening with: BR Lazer | Aditya Nandwana | Maarten Vos

10.9.22 Jessica Kert | su dance 110 | Kathrin Lambert

17.9.22 Anna-Maria Van Reusel aka Silver Galaxy / visuals Optical CollusionRobin Moedder

Chebedajha with sound in space

Dewi Barend presenting De/Wi new Fashion outfit w/ @laurentsavino

Francis Mar sonification of the body

WeiKang Beh with unheard sound

:: Graphic by Clement Beaugé :: infos at