30+31.08::Blind Signal&Liebig12:: Entre les Lignes – Zwischen den Zeilen :: episode1&2

02_11.04 France & 28_31.08 Berlin

Interweaving territories as imaginary spaces, where sounds, practices, “cultural heritages” and the environment resonate, move and create sound compositions. Create a space where the human practices of musicians and artists embrace the acoustics of places and their and their distinctive sonic behaviours. How can we learn to read between the lines of space, time and symbols?

Entre les lignes is a two-part project, covering two territories and involving six musicians and sound artists. The first part focuses on the Occitanie region in south-west France. The artists will have time to meet, research and create in the landscapes of the town of Rabastens, exploring the cultural influences of the Occitan region. In a second phase, the creations made in Occitanie will be reworked and contextualized in the metropolitan territory of Berlin and the desecrated Galiläakirche by the end of August.

The artists taking part in the project are Nathalie Forget, Lila Fraysse, Julius Holtz, Bérangère Maximin, Caroline Cecilia Tallone and Gilles Aubry.

Workshops and talks has been held in France between the village of Rabastens (Chapelle de Mareux) and the city of Toulouse ( at COMDT and Le Ring Theater). And after 7 days-residency, the artists performed on Wednesday 10 April at 8pm at Le Ring, Scène Périphérique in Toulouse. 

For this new project, Blind Signal wants to explore a new form of curation and production. A multi-disciplinary team has been formed by Emilie Beffara with artist and composer Julius Holtz, Gaia Bartolini aka Allegra Solitude, curator, cultural producer and founder of Liebig12 in Berlin, a studio and creative space based on community values, and Isabelle Picard, cultural administrator.

Quoting Brandon Labelle in Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life, “The seemingly innocent trajectory of sound as it moves from its source and toward a listener, without forgetting all the surfaces, bodies, and other sounds it brushes against, is a story imparting a great deal of information charged with the geographic, social, psychological and emotional energy. My feeling is that an entire history and culture can be found within a single sound, from its source to its destination sound is generative of a diverse range of experiences as well as remaining specifically tied to a given context, as a deeper expressive and prolonged figure of culture”

„Entre les Lignes – Zwischen den Zeilen„ is a collaboration among le Ring Scène Périphérique, le COMDT à Toulouse, BlindSignalLiebig12 à Berlin, jugend widerstandsmuseum-galilaakirche à Berlin and the town of Rabastens. 

Supported by Musikfonds E.V., le GMEA à Albi, Impulse Neue Musik, le Goethe Institut de Toulouse.